Howie Mandel and ADHD

Howie Mandel is a popular comedian who hails from Canada, he surprised everyone by admitted that he suffers chronic attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) since his childhood.


It is a psychological disorder that reduces the attention capabilities. Individual who suffers from ADHD will not have behavior control, they become impulsive and perform whatever they wish to without giving a thought. There is no age relaxation for this disease. Even children suffers from this disease, poor school performance is one of its symptom[1].

Howie Mandel – His journey through ADHD:

Mandel had diagnosed with this disease at a very early age in 1960s. As he begun to grow his ADHD symptoms and problems began to grow. In an interview he said, initially he had very tough time standing still and listening to people while anchoring the program ‘Deal or no Deal’. He also said he had difficulties with reading the script while performing a scripted television show.

He gives a great respect and respect to his family, he said his parents treated his quirks with all good and his wife supported his psychological disorder and changed her personality accordingly. He shares the regular activity of his wife saying ‘Attention, Howie’ as he suffers from poor attention capabilities.

OCD combined with ADHD:

Howie Mandel not only suffers from ADHD, but he also suffers from OCD, the obsessive compulsive disorder. The unusual combination of these two psychological disorders had punctured the peace in their family[2]. He also said He would have possibly been dead without the help of doctors and medicines.

He also found an irony in his OCD admitting episode at a television interview. He believes that his ADHD was responsible in him admitting his OCD disorder in public. He highlights a saying that ‘Adults should never get late for seeking help against ADHD.

His Insights on Mental Health:

He says mental health is most absurd and unpredictable thing. It varies from one person to another; it is their responsibility to take care of it. He said each medication varies from one person to another and managing the symptoms of such psychological issues is a lifetime commitment, as they might get reduced but never cured[3].

He also feels that the details of medication and psychotherapy should not be shared with the public, as the medication is largely dependent on the intensity of the disorder which varies from one patient to other. So getting the most recommended medications like Adderall, modafinil should be carefully done. Many people are really could not choose the best place to procure the ADHD medication. My advice is to look for the well maintained Adderall online stores to buy the pills.

Howie Mandel’s fears on his Public image:

Mandel admitted his fears about his public image. He said people might think him crazy and that obviously affects him. The misconception about mental health made him wander so much. He quoted an example saying, In America, nobody cares if anybody I’m going to meet a dentist but it is grave problem if somebody says I have an appointment to meet a Psychiatrist. Admitting the mental disorders might create an absurdity within the individual and coworker, that is what Howie feels.


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