The refund policies of ensure the satisfaction of the customers. We strictly follow the federal law. We ensure that none of our consumers faces dissatisfaction with our services.

As we are open to worldwide transit, there could be planes, ships and trucks are used to make sure the product reaches you safely without any damages. In the cases when we ship the product from one place and our consumer being in the other, the transit is difficult as it must get into a lot of clearance checkups and transferred to multiple luggage cargos and then to vehicles. The process is so delicate that even with extreme perfection there could be some damages to the tablets.

Though these accidents do not occur on a regular basis, we take the burden of yours and make you satisfied with our refund policies. If the product is damaged, you need not worry as our best refund policies would make you less worried.

We stay responsible for the damaged occurred to the tablets, we take the entire responsibility of the product damage and we ensure we compensate to our consumer.

As we said earlier, we strictly practice the federal laws; our services would be fair always. We would reship in case of wrong product is delivered. The consumer need not face any burden as they won’t be charged even a penny.

We would refund the entire money in case we are unable to reship the product. It is on the consumer side when the individual finds the product is damaged, he must immediately contact our consumer support department and allow us to make an immediate action plan.

The consumers who have queries on the ‘eligibility criteria’ for refund policy can follow the below-listed points:

  • The complaints should be made as immediately as possible after you witness the damaged product, In case the complaint is made after 7 days, the refund will not be processed.
  • The damage that had occurred after you receive the product will be considered for a refund, the damage must occur during the transit.
  • In case you have received expired products, you are eligible for return policy. Your products will be reshipped as soon as we receive the complaint.
  • Those who make a personal decision to stop taking the drug and wish to get the refund will not be considered. You cannot expect money refund from our side in such cases.
  • If you misread the name of the product and misplaced the order instead of buying some other drug should not expect a refund from our side. Every detail of the medicine will be given in an elaborate manner.
  • If the medicines are damaged mistakenly by you or your child, you wouldn’t be given any refund. As we said earlier we are only responsible for the damages that occur during the transit and before you accept your order. If you wish to buy the same medicines you can reorder by paying the money.


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